Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Your Best Bet. Here Is What Happens When You Don’t

Wisdom teeth tend to erupt late in your life, most probably in your 20’s. However, wisdom tooth budding is an event on its own, with several complications and problems. The root of all the problems related to your wisdom teeth is the lack of space in your jaws to accommodate these extra teeth. One way to avoid complications is by extracting the wisdom tooth. After all, there will be no wisdom tooth-related problems when there is no wisdom tooth. However, what if you don’t opt for wisdom tooth removal? What can happen? This article will discuss every possibility.

Wisdom Tooth Complication:

A wisdom tooth that cannot erupt completely can get stuck in the gums or hard tissue. Only a portion of them emerges beyond the gums and at a peculiar angle with neighboring molars.

Gum Infection Or Pericoronitis: With such awkward placement of your emerging wisdom tooth, it creates gaps with gums and the neighboring molars. Food particles can hide in these gaps, and gum infection is inevitable because it’s difficult to brush this area.

Cysts: When the wisdom tooth remains stuck inside the gums, cysts can form near the root or the crown of the tooth. A cyst is a sac fluid that can gradually expand and eat the nearby tissues and bones—eventually leading to irrevocable bone damage.

Other Problems: Wisdom teeth are more prone to cavities as these teeth are difficult to reach. Moreover, an impacted wisdom tooth applies to pressurize the neighboring teeth, at times causing a shift in the dental alignment. This can be troublesome if you wear braces to correct your teeth’ alignment.

What If Your Wisdom Tooth Is Not Removed And You Let It Sit?

If you can feel the ripple of complications caused by an impacted wisdom tooth, you shouldn’t sit idle and try to get it removed as soon as you can. This is because an impacted tooth can lead to recurrent infections. Your body can heal minor infections. However, there is a chance to develop to severe infection that can spread to your respiratory tracts. Moreover, in some extreme cases, the infection can spread to your blood in a process called sepsis. Hence, to avoid all these complications, we advise you to get your wisdom tooth removed.

However, you might not develop such a severe case of infection, but other complications await if you don’t get your wisdom tooth removed. For example, cavities from wisdom teeth can also spread to neighboring teeth. Moreover, a cyst that can develop due to your wisdom tooth doesn’t reveal itself early, so it can grow if you don’t opt for removal. Hence, the cyst will grow and will eventually damage your jaw bone.

Therefore, always find a good dentist who can remove your wisdom tooth with ease so that you can evade all these problems. You don’t need to look further than we can certainly help you with all your dental problems. Call Brenham Family Dental at 979-421-9685 to learn more about how we can help you out.

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