Wisdom Teeth Extraction—Should You Expect the Worst?

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Not everyone goes through the problems associated with the development of the wisdom teeth, which are the third set of molar. For those who do, they will know that will have to visit their local dentist, as the there is no space for the wisdom tooth to come in through the gums.

At one time, you may develop more than wisdom tooth, which means that the dentist’s chair will not be big enough for such a massive removal and you may have to visit your local hospital. In most cases, a visit to the dentist’s office will do.

Meeting with the Dentist

Patients in the search for affordable dental solutions to remove their wisdom teeth should visit our dental clinic. Our dentist will examine your wisdom tooth or teeth, depending on how many you have. Next, the dentist will provide you with local anesthesia to numb the location of the wisdom tooth so you will not feel pain when the dentist performs the removal.

For more than one wisdom teeth removal, the dentist may resort to using general anesthesia to prevent pain from reverberating throughout your body. Once sedated, the dentist will use a tool to tear the gum tissue open to extract the bone covering the wisdom tooth.

The dentist will then remove the wisdom tooth. In order to make the wisdom teeth extraction easier, the dentist may decide to chop the tooth into several tiny pieces. Lastly, the dentist clean the area of the removal, stitches the cut, puts and gauze at the wisdom tooth extraction site.

Going Home

If the dentist has given you some form of anesthesia, the assistant will probably show you into the recovery room to ensure the effects of the anesthesia wear off completely. That is why it is important for people to take someone with them to the dentist when getting this procedure done. Before you exist, our dentists will provide you with the following instructions to follow at home:

  1. People may experience blood oozing out of the wound. Instead of spitting out the blood, people should put a cotton ball.

  2. Pain can occur after the removal of the wisdom tooth. In order to manage it, people can purchase over the counter pain relievers.

  3. People who experience swelling in the cheeks after the procedure should place an ice pack to reduce it. They will see improvement in the appearance of their cheeks in a few days whereas bruising takes several days to go away.

  4. Dentists warn patients about performing strenuous activity immediately after the procedure as it may result in the removal of blood clot from the opening.

  5. People should consume several glasses of water and skip caffeinated, alcoholic, and carbonated beverages for the next 24 hours. They should eat soft food and drink fluids through a straw.

If your wisdom tooth is giving you trouble, make an appointment with Brenham Family Dental for a wisdom teeth extraction procedure.

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