What Is A Pulpotomy Procedure?

A pulpotomy is a dental procedure in which the dentist removes the tooth pulp in the crown, and leaves the pulp in the root canal as it is. It treats the tooth decay that has extended to the pulp of a child’s primary teeth.  

A primary tooth is not there for long and a permanent one replaces it once your child hits a certain age. This may bother you to wonder why come your child’s affected primary tooth is not simply removed? The reason is that primary teeth have to make sure that the permanent space will be available when they grow.

Purpose of Test

Does your child complain of pain when he or she eats or drinks something cold, hot, or sweet? If yes, then your child may have pulpitis. It is the inflammation of the pulp and happens when you don’t treat the cavities for a long time.  

If your child’s tooth decay has affected the pulp in the crown, your doctor will recommend you to go for a pulpotomy. Another case in which pulpotomy works is when the tooth decay is very close to the pulp in the crown that removing the decay will expose the pulp. There are two ways to carry out the examination, either by physical examination of the tooth or by X-ray.

If your child has irreversible pulpitis, then a pulpotomy will not work. Instead, your child will have to undergo a tooth extraction or pulpectomy.

A pulpotomy procedure can also be carried out if your child’s tooth has been affected by serious physical trauma. In this scenario, the reason is to preserve the tooth and pulp in the root of the tooth.

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