What Causes Teeth Stain And What Can You Do About It?

Many foods we relish or products we use can leave their mark. Especially, on your teeth, these stains can spoil your smile. Therefore, let’s discuss foods and products that can stain your teeth. However, we will also discuss how you can avoid stains or remove them.

Foods And Products That Can Cause Teeth Staining:

Red Wine And Dark Soda:
Red wine can stain a table cloth easily, so your teeth are hardly a match. The same goes for a dark-colored soda. Both of these beverages are acidic, which can lead to enamel erosion. Moreover, acidity also undermines the smoothness of the enamel, making it porous and abrasive. Consequently, the enamel we have now has a higher surface area with more pores or holes. The color pigment can easily sneak in these for a bitter-sweet reminder.

Tea And Coffee:
Both of our favorite morning brews have a stubborn organic compound known as tannins. This compound is the major reason behind the stains on your teeth.

Cigarettes can literally deteriorate your oral appearance. After all, you can identify smoke by their black lips and their teeth with a yellowish-black blemish. The primary culprits behind stains are nicotine and tar.

Berries And Fruit Juices:
These small delicacies have organic molecules that can linger in your enamel pores. Hence, a porous enamel will have to suffer from more persistent stains.

Candies may have artificial dyes in them, giving them their vibrancy. However, these pigments may find a new home in your enamel. The longer you chew a candy the higher the staining risk.

Remedies To Avoid Teeth Stains:

Add milk to tea or coffee:
Research has shown that casein found in milk can neutralize tannins found in these beverages. So adding milk to your brew may help you avoid teeth stain after the drink.

Use Straw:
Your soda or cola can only stain your teeth if you let it come in contact with your pearly whites. You can avoid any contact if you use straws to gulp down your drink. Furthermore, your teeth will be less exposed to the drink’s acid. Therefore, a less eroded and stronger enamel can safeguard itself from stains.

Swallow Quickly:
Quickly gulping down your fruit juices will limit its contact time with the enamel. Therefore, lowering the chances of teeth stains.

How To Remove Teeth Stain:

Use whitening toothpaste: Whitening toothpaste contains abrasives and bleaching agents that can scrub out the staining pigments. Smokers can choose for smoker’s toothpaste because it contains a higher amount of abrasives.

Rinse and brush after eating: Perhaps the best way to stave off staining is to brush immediately afterward. In this way, you won’t let pigments linger around for long. Plus, this will also inhibit the build-up of plaque.

It’s important to stop plaque build-up because of several gum diseases it can result in. Consequently, visit a doctor for regular checkups and for early diagnosis. Brenham Family Dental is here to serve and your smile. You can contact us at 979-421-9685 for more inquiries.

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