Ways Not to Brush Your Teeth

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Did you know brushing your teeth is an art form? There is an incorrect and correct way to brush your teeth. Even though you may brush two or three times a day, morning, night, and sometimes after a meal, all these years, you could be doing it all wrong.

Now, that is startling information, but it is true. However, it is never too late to learn how to brush your teeth correctly. To know if you have been brushing your teeth incorrectly, read about ways not to brush your teeth below:

  • Do You Vigorously Brush Your Teeth?

When you brush your teeth too vigorously, you increase the probability of developing enamel erosion. Moreover, it can move back gum tissue as well. By brushing your teeth too hard, you can disturb the position of the plague.

The Solution

Hold the toothbrush with your thumb, middle finger, and index finger. This method of holding the toothbrush creates a lighter grip and prevents you from brushing your teeth too vigorously.

Do You Brush Your Teeth for A Short Amount of Time?

You should brush your teeth for a longer duration, as brushing it for a shorter duration is not an effective method to clean your teeth and prevent the formation of cavities.

The Solution

When you are brushing your teeth, sing the “Happy Birthday” song in your head or hum it as you brush your teeth. This will result in you brushing your teeth for a slightly longer duration than before. The benefit of brushing your teeth for a longer time is that it covers the entire surface area of the mouth.

  • How Long Do You Use a Toothbrush For?

Use the frayed bristles of a toothbrush as an indication that it is time to throw it away and get a new one. Old toothbrushes no longer have the capability to remove bacteria and fungus. You should also discard your toothbrush after an infection to avoid contracting it again.

The Solution

You should change your toothbrush after every three months. Keep a few extra toothbrushes in your home handy so you can replace the old one with the new quickly.

  • How Long Have You Been Using the Same Tooth Brushing Routine?

On average, people brush their teeth 730 times per year. When you follow the same routine day in and day out, it becomes habitual. By following the same brushing method every day of the week, you might neglect to focus on certain areas.

The Solution

You need to change your tooth brushing routine. For instance, begin on the opposite area of the mouth each day. This will increase your chances of giving complete attention to all of the areas of the mouth, which you would have otherwise missed if you had kept on using the same routine.

If you are looking for more tips on brushing your teeth correctly, visit Brenham Family Dental’s blog regularly. If you looking to visit our dental clinic, you can make same day dental appointments to have your problem solved quickly.

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