Understanding the Importance and Costs of Root Canals and Crowns

So, you’ve been informed by your dentist that you may require a root canal procedure. But is it really necessary? Although root canals and crowns may not be eagerly anticipated by most people, they play a crucial role in preventing pain, tooth decay, and the potential extraction of teeth. Let’s delve into the details of root canals, crowns, and their associated costs.

What is a Root Canal and Crown?

A root canal is often recommended in cases of injury, decay, or infection. It involves the removal of the affected portion of the tooth’s root, followed by thorough cleaning, shaping, and filling of the space. Subsequently, a crown is placed on the tooth to provide protection.

Should I Proceed with a Root Canal and Crown?

If your dentist advises a root canal and crown, it is in your best interest to follow their recommendation. These procedures alleviate tooth pain typically caused by infections or abscesses, prevent the further spread of infection, minimize discomfort, and save your tooth from potential extraction.

What are the Costs Associated with Root Canals and Crowns?

The expenses related to root canals and crowns can vary depending on your insurance coverage. On average, the cost ranges between $620 and $1,500, depending on the tooth requiring treatment. While this may initially seem significant, it is wiser to address the issue promptly rather than incur greater expenses later to treat additional damage.

It is crucial to note that a root canal is a procedure that should only be performed by a trusted dentist, so be cautious of any offers for a “cheap root canal.” Fortunately, Brenham Family Dental offers affordable dentistry that can help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for root canals and crowns.

What Happens if I Choose Not to Undergo a Root Canal?

Opting out of a recommended root canal puts you at risk of experiencing increased pain, infection, and even tooth extraction. Infections can also spread to other areas of your mouth, necessitating more extensive treatment than initially required. The only alternative to a root canal is tooth extraction, so it is advisable to avoid additional pain and discomfort by following your dentist’s advice.

Summing Up

Although the idea of a root canal may seem daunting, it is a preventive measure against future dental issues. Prioritize your oral health and opt for a root canal and crown when recommended.
If you have insurance, you can inquire with your provider about the estimated cost of the service before undergoing treatment. Furthermore, consider the affordable yet expert dentistry from our dentists at Brenham Family Dental. Call us now at 979-421-9685 to book an appointment today.

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