Types Of Human Teeth – Know Your Set Of Teeth Better

A beautiful and white smile reveals a lot about how human teeth are structured. The teeth placement is impeccable, with each type of tooth fitting in like a jigsaw. There are four main types of human teeth.

We only have a single row of teeth, with four incisors in the front. Placed right next to incisors, we have canines. Furthermore, the rest of the teeth you can see are either molars or premolars.


Incisor, a sharp, chisel-shaped tooth, is used for gripping and cutting food. There are eight incisors in total, with four incisors in the top row and four incisors in the bottom row. Its chisel shape helps to dig into the food and enable us to bite the food firmly.

Many animals have large and well-established incisors that help them bite through hard substances like nut or wood. Interestingly, beavers are known to have the strongest incisors in the animal kingdom. Furthermore, these critters have iron deposits in their incisors, which give it a rust-red color.


If you are a vampire movie fan, then canines need no introduction. In vampires, these teeth grow exceptionally long and are used to puncture flesh. However, in real-life, these teeth are not so long or used for gory stuff.

Canines are sharp and used for anchoring or tearing apart food into small pieces. These teeth have deep roots that help anchor the tooth firmly in place. There are four canines in total, with two in the top row and two in the bottom row.

Molars and Premolars:

These teeth are designed especially for crushing action, with each type having three to four cusps. Cusps are small mounds on the surface of the teeth. Such teeth have a broad and squarish structure, with molars even broader than premolars.

Premolars precede molars in alignment with a total of 20 molars and premolars. Furthermore, some people don’t have a fully developed third molar. This molar, usually called wisdom teeth, pop out during the later stages of life. Due to the wide structure, these teeth typically have three to four roots.

The primary function of these teeth is to crush food into a swallowable mesh.


The chisel-shaped incisors, the dagger-like canines, and the rough mallet molars are adapted to perform specific tasks and actions. The availability of such a diverse set of teeth allows us to consume various diets. Hence, due to our ability to enjoy both plants and meat, we are termed as omnivores.

Furthermore, our deep understanding of the functions and characteristics of types of human teeth makes us appreciate their importance. Undoubtedly, only through top-notch oral health care, we can reap the benefits of our diverse teeth. Regular dental visits help us keep an eye out for sneaky cavities and other dental diseases. You can read about our services through our website. Besides, you can schedule an appointment by calling us at 979-421-9685.

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