These Seven Misconceptions About Braces Are The Worst

Everyone deserves a perfect smile, and braces can help us achieve just that. However, many misconceptions shroud the effectiveness of braces and the procedure. Such misconceptions undermine the effectiveness of braces. Hence, it’s time to clear misconceptions about braces.

Braces are only for cosmetic purposes:

Yes, to some extent, braces help you achieve a perfect smile. However, braces do more than setting your appealing smile. It helps to align your teeth correctly, so there are no gaps in between your teeth. Gaps in between teeth is an ideal sneakout for debris and plaque. Furthermore, it’s not easy to brush them out because of the narrow space and crooked nature of teeth. Apart from clearing out hard to reach gaps, braces help straighten your bite level. Braces clear out problems like overbite or under-bite.

You should get braces at a young age:

Teeth indeed develop during the early years. Hence, it’s effortless to align them at a young age. However, the practice of orthodontics is based on the science that teeth can shift during our life. Thus, if crooked teeth are bugging you, then get braces without any second thought.

Braces straighten your teeth for a lifetime:

Getting straight teeth is not so easy. Hence, it’s essential to use retainers that help hold teeth in their new places. Only long term use of retainers can ensure your ideal smile.

Braces are unnecessarily expensive:

Orthodontics is an intricate procedure. A dentist goes through rigorous training to be able to perform such operations. Apart from that, braces in themselves require complex mechanics and materials, which increases the product’s price. Together with the procedure and the product, the entire cost of braces is worth its value.
Metal in braces will set off the metal detector:
The metal used in braces is lightweight and not concentrated enough to get detected by the metal detector. Even, if the sensors set off due to your braces, just give the security person a broad smile.

You cannot enjoy your favorite food while wearing braces:

Yes, there are dietary restrictions while wearing braces. However, most of the limitations are regarding hard and crunchy food. Such abrasive foods can wear off the metals and wires, deteriorating them with time.

You cannot play a musical instrument while wearing braces:

There is no or little truth in this myth. Braces put no real restriction on the use of musical instruments. You might need to wear a bumper to play musical instruments.


If you want to set your crooked tooth straight, then braces are the right option for you. With braces comes a few restrictions, but it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the delicacies of life. There are only a few restrictions on your diet, such as on hard and crunchy foods. Other than that, braces impose no such limitations on life.

Debunking another misconception about braces, braces are not painful to wear. They might be slightly uncomfortable at most. It’s best to get braces from experienced professionals.Thus, there is no better place than Brenham Family Dental to get braces. Call us at 979-421-9685 to get a quick quote.

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