Teeth Discoloration are a Reflection of Your Habits

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The color of your teeth says a lot about your habits. Just by looking at your teeth, a dentist can easily tell that your stained teeth were a result of your habits. You can proceed to share the habits you acquired over the years that led up to this peculiar shade of color, which was not clearly present when you were a child.

Some people who visit us for cosmetic dentistry are not even sure of the cause behind their teeth discoloration because all they know and want is to get their shiny and white teeth back. You can always come to Brenham Family Dental, the provider of quality dental care in Brenham, to remove the stains from your teeth. Once you have renewed the life of your teeth by giving it back its original color, you can begin to skip on the following habits:

1. Dark Colored Food

You need to avoid consuming chocolate, berries, certain curries, coffee, tea, and wine. Basically, you need to eat less of a food that can leave a permanent stain on your clothes. You can snack on healthy and crunchy fruits and vegetables instead. You do not have to abstain from eating teeth staining food completely; just do not consume them every day.

2. Bad Dental Hygiene

When you stop cleaning your house, it begins to reek, mold begins to form, paint begins to peel off the walls, and other events occur that make it unlivable. Instead of the house, insert your teeth in this scenario. The situation will be pretty much the same. The insides of your mouth will become a home to bacteria and plague because you failed to maintain its cleanliness.

3. Acidic Food

Acidic foods eat away at your enamel, putting your teeth at risk of staining, or worse, becoming infected. When your enamel thins, it reveals the yellowish-brownish dentin. Again, you should not cast away every acidic food, but only limit the number of times you consume them each day. A high alcohol and caffeine consumption is often the leading cause of teeth discoloration.

4. Tobacco

Tobacco is bad, unhealthy, and not good for your teeth or your health. Even if your teeth are in tiptop condition, you should decrease or eliminate your tobacco intake for good, as it is not a healthy habit to have at all. Later on, your beautiful pearly whites that you take so much pride in will lose their looks, decaying and rotting.

5. Starches and Sweets

We all love sugar, but we are also aware of the unhealthy side effects eating loads of sugar has on our body and teeth. Cavities, for instance, develop in individuals who eat a lot of sugar and do not have healthy teeth cleaning regime.

Do not let your teeth lose their whiteness! If your teeth are not what they used and you want to restore them to their original color, make an appointment with Brenham Family Dental and ask about our cosmetic dentistry services.

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