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Understanding the Importance and Costs of Root Canals and Crowns

June 30, 2023 1831 Views

So, you’ve been informed by your dentist that you may require a root canal procedure. But is it really necessary? Although root canals and crowns may not be eagerly anticipated by most people, they play a crucial role in preventing pain, tooth decay, and the potential extraction of teeth. Let’s delve into the details of … Continue reading “Understanding the Importance and Costs of Root Canals and Crowns”

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Dead Tooth Treatment

March 15, 2020 3228 Views

Teeth are made up of hard and soft tissues. Sometimes due to an injury or decay, the nerves in the pulp of the teeth become damaged and stop providing blood to the tooth. That can cause an infection, leading the nerves to die forming a dead tooth. Keep reading to find out the signs and … Continue reading “Dead Tooth Treatment”

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Smile Makeovers Offered at Brenham Family Dental

August 24, 2018 760 Views

Brenham Family Dental doesn’t just clean teeth and stop dental pain. Dental professionals of this caliber offer a complete smile renovation. A beautiful smile is important. Let’s face it, flashing a healthy set of teeth just makes your face light up. So, in order to have the best smile possible, you have to implement quality … Continue reading “Smile Makeovers Offered at Brenham Family Dental”

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Root Canal Treatment: A Cure for Pain

July 10, 2017 700 Views

Pain that stems from somewhere inside your mouth is never fun. In fact, you may be wondering if a trip to the dentist is inevitable. Even worse is the idea that a root canal treatment may be on the agenda. However, if the pain is severe and it is keeping you from enjoying life (especially … Continue reading “Root Canal Treatment: A Cure for Pain”

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What Are Different Dental Procedures for Chipped Tooth Repair?

October 18, 2015 3165 Views

If you have a chopped tooth, you have a ruined smile. In most cases, your front teeth becomes chipped because you fell on hard concrete, you chewed ice, or a bit too hard on hard candy. When you look in the mirror to see the damage, you cry out in terror, as you feel as … Continue reading “What Are Different Dental Procedures for Chipped Tooth Repair?”

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How to Notice the Signs that Suggest You Require Root Canal Treatment?

August 21, 2015 1602 Views

A lot of people hate getting treatment for root canal, since it is not only painful but also expensive as well. However, if you find the problem early, then you will not only have to deal with less pain but the cost of the treatment may not be as much as well. Therefore, we at … Continue reading “How to Notice the Signs that Suggest You Require Root Canal Treatment?”

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