What Are the Risks and Benefits of Tooth Replacements on the Same Day?

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You no longer will have to wait months and weeks to get your dental implants. A new technique allows dentists to implant a placement and permanent crown on the same day. That’s right, you can make same day dental appointments for tooth replacement, saving you lots of time. However, with every technique, there are benefits and risks. If you are thinking of opting for this technique, you need to determine if same day tooth replacements is for you.

The Process of Tooth Replacements on the Same Day

The process of tooth replacements on the same day is divided into three phases, extracting of the present tooth, placing the dental implants, and attaching the crown. The dentist has to take extra care when performing such a delicate process, as they need to avoid damaging the socket. Remember, same day dental appointments for tooth replacements may not be for everyone either, as it is a complicated procedure.

The Tooth Replacement Procedure

The dentist will not carry on with the procedure if they see the formation of a cavity or an infection on the site, which they have to place the new dental implant on. Once the cavity is treated, the dentist will give a green light to the procedure. They will place the implant in the bone to stabilize it so it does not move around.

Gradually, the dental implants will stabilize as the bone matures and attaches to them. If the dentist is going to perform the procedure in one sitting, they will require increased stability. Next, they will have to position the dental implant in order to attach it to the crown so it blends with the adjacent teeth and gum tissue.

Your dentist will place the crown underneath the gum tissue so it aligns with the rest of the existing teeth. Dentists have the pressure to complete all the three phases successfully, including the way they angle the crown attachment, as in doing so, it will increase the success of the procedure. Still, risks remain.

What Are the Risks of Dental Tooth Replacement?

The dental implant can sustain damage during the tooth replacement procedure. Even if the procedure is successful, you may cause damage to it by eating chewy and sticky foods, which might force the dental implant to come lose. For this reason, dentists might use a temporary crown, which is shorter than the teeth next to it to prevent it from coming in contact with the opposite teeth.

Should You Ask for this Procedure?

You can ask your dentist if you are a suitable candidate for tooth replacement procedure, which happens on the same day as your visit to the dental clinic. If your dentist finds you an appropriate candidate for this procedure, you may opt for it.

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