Going for a Removable Dental Bridge? Here is what You Should Know.

A removable bridge replaces the teeth you have lost. The false teeth are supported by a metal framework that attaches to the natural teeth. For some instances, crowns that are attached to the natural teeth are used to hold the bridge in place. Whichever type of bridge the dentist fits, you can comfortably remove and replace the bridge at home.

First Steps

The American Dental Association explains that a removable dental bridge can feel uncomfortable at first, but over time the mouth adjusts, and the patient’s eating and speech can improve.

Going with the Food

When first eating with a removable bridge, go with soft foods cut into small pieces. Also, try chewing evenly on both sides of the mouth and avoid eating hard or sticky foods.

Caring For a Removable Dental Bridge

This involves cleaning away food debris and plaque from all parts of the bridge every day. Follow the below steps on how to do so effectively:

  • Stand over a sink full of water to avoid breaking the bridge if you drop it.
  • Brush the bridge with a soft-bristled toothbrush and cool water. You can also use denture cleaner, but don’t use abrasive household cleaners or toothpaste, which may scratch the bridge’s surface.
  • Rinse with cold water as hot water can deform a removable bridge.

A removable bridge restores missing teeth and allows you to eat like before. After the adjustment period is over, the patient can remove the dental bridge to clean it. This is important to prevent the buildup of food debris and plaque. If you take good care, a bridge will stay attractive and stain-free for years.

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