Problems you can face with Dental Spacers

Your back teeth have very little space between them. Therefore, to insert a molar band or tooth brace, your orthodontist will need to create some space between them and will use dental spacers for this purpose. Spacers require at-least one to two weeks to give the desired results.

Dental spacers, also known as teeth spacers or orthodontic separators, are rubber bands or metal rings. They have a diameter of around one centimeter and come in a variety of elegant colors.

Do spacers hurt?

During the application, spacers do not hurt you badly. However, they may give you a bit of sensitivity or inflammation. In other words, it is a sign that they are working fine. Spacers will make you feel that something is stuck between your teeth, and you may also experience some soreness. However, you can take some painkillers or other medication prescribed by your orthodontist for it.

Eating with spacers

If you are worried about eating with your spacers on, you can take your regular diet without much trouble; however, orthodontists recommend to take soft food and avoid the sticky items. In addition, keep in mind to brush appropriately.

Can your spacers slip?

This can happen if you don’t remove hard and sticky items from your menu. If your dental spacers fall out, immediately reach out to your orthodontist and make an appointment to refit them. If you delay the refitting, there is a chance that your molars will come back close together, deteriorating your entire process.

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