Problems Encountered While Wearing Braces And How To Counter Them?

Braces help us out with the alignment of our teeth. However, the quest for a perfect smile is not a piece of cake. Braces have a few problems of their own and may cause some minor inconveniences that are avoidable and fixable. Hence, if you plan to get yourself some braces, you should know about these common braces problems and what you can do about them. Nevertheless, these few problems fade in the shadow of the perks of getting braces.


You experience temporary soreness in your gums or cheeks after getting your braces or realignment. This soreness is temporary, but you can rinse with salt water for some comfort if the discomfort is too unsettling. You can rely on over-the-counter medications to deal with swelling and discomfort.

Oral Hygiene Issues:

Anyone can fall victim to poor oral hygiene consequences, but ones with braces are at higher risk. Simply because they cannot practice routine oral hygiene tasks efficiently puts them under the radar. Food debris can sneak away in between braces, which are hard to clean. If food gets stuck in such places for long, these tidbits can wreak havoc, such as the following:

Gum Diseases: Food particles stuck between braces and teeth invite bacterial colonies for a feast. The resulting plaque formation can aggravate your gums, causing them to swell and bleed on the slightest of irritation. This problem can progress and even end up with receding gums and eventually bone loss.

Cavities: Where there is a plaque, there will be cavities. Using a special brush for your braces can help you clean every nook and corner. Furthermore, to ensure thorough cleaning, you need to brush your time for longer than you used to before braces.

Demineralization: Acid released by bacteria can eat through the enamel, making it weak and flimsy.

Staining: Food has a higher chance of staining your tooth when it remains in contact with your teeth for a long time. Consequently, after the treatment is over, you will find the exposed area of your teeth discolored. Nonetheless, opting for professional whitening treatment can help resolve this issue.

Popped And Broken Wire:

Wires, keep your braces taut, but it’s common for them to break or pop out during treatment. Popping out wires is relatively easy to resolve with a pair of tweezers. Simply try to push them back and align them with the help of tweezers. On the other hand, broken wires can be troublesome. The loose end can poke and irritate your cheeks and gums. Try to clip them if the wire is thin, but if it is thick, leave the clipping for the professionals during your next appointment. In the meantime, use special denture wax to help soothe the irritation.

These are three main issues you can face while having braces. However, you might not have to confront any of them with proper care. Need more information and professional advice before getting braces? Call Brenham Family Dental at 979-421-9685 to learn more about how we can help.

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