How Pregnancy Affects Oral Health?

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During pregnancy, a woman’s hormones are all over the place. Sometimes, women develop strange cravings and that too in the middle of night. However, that is not the point here though. We are here to educate women about the effects of pregnancy on oral health. During pregnancy, gums may begin to turn red and bleed while brushing teeth.

Medical professionals refer to cases such as these as “pregnancy gingivitis.” Changes in oral health of pregnant women can begin in the second month, but increase in the eight month. Once they give birth, the condition goes away on its own.

Where Does Pregnancy Gingivitis Occur?

Mostly, pregnancy gingivitis occurs in the front teeth with symptoms reported as being the same as for gingivitis. An increase in hormone levels is partially responsible for this condition. This changes the manner a pregnant woman’s body reacts to the presence of gingivitis causing bacteria.

How to Minimize the Effects of Pregnancy Gingivitis

In order to prevent pregnancy gingivitis, pregnant women need to practice healthy oral hygiene. They need to get into the routine of brushing their teeth twice every day for two minutes. On top of that, they should also get in the habit of regularly flossing their teeth after each meal. For added care, they can use an antimicrobial mouthwash to control gum inflammation.

They should also visit their local dentists in Brenham so they can examine their health of their gums. Professional dental cleanings is another way to reduce the probability of pregnancy gingivitis. At this time, pregnant women should avoid any aggressive procedures such as periodontal surgery, delaying it until they give birth. Other than pregnancy gingivitis, women can also develop enamel erosion and dry mouth.

  • What is Enamel Erosion?

Enamel erosion occurs in pregnant women who experience severe morning sickness, vomiting routinely in the day. Women experiencing morning sickness should not brush their teeth after vomiting, but do it after twenty minutes. The reason vomiting causes enamel erosion is due to the vomit containing acidic properties that can cause damage to the teeth’s enamel. Instead of brushing their teeth immediately, pregnant women should just rinse their mouth with water.

  • What is Dry Mouth?

Another common oral health disorder that can develop during pregnancy is dry mouth. Dry mouth occurs when the development of saliva in the mouth decreases. Women experiencing dry mouth during their pregnancy should drink many fluids throughout the day to clean the bacteria harboring in their mouth.

Dry mouth, pregnancy gingivitis, and enamel erosion should get better after your baby is born. If the condition remains prevalent, you should visit the local dentists in your area. Just remember to keep a healthy and an active oral health routine before, during, and after the pregnancy to maintain the health of your teeth.

You are welcome to visit Brenham Family Dental to have one of our qualified dentists help you maintain your oral hygiene during your pregnancy. We also offer pediatric care for infants and children.

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