The Perfect Smile: 6 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments You Can Go For

Cosmetic Dentistry brenham

Cosmetic dentistry is all about making the appearance of the teeth better for a bright, beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry is definitely on the rise. Here are 6 dentistry procedures that can transform your smile:

Teeth Whitening

This technique provides a way to remove stains and make your teeth appear brightened. There is a variety of products to choose from that can be used to whiten your teeth at home. This procedure is not painful and is a sure way of transforming your smile into a radiant one; however, it is not safe to assume this method will work for everyone. Always check with your dentist first before using any product at home or getting this procedure done.

Teeth Shaping and Bonding

This is an orthodontic procedure by means of which the shape of the teeth can be altered. It is achieved by shedding or taking out excess enamel by a cosmetic dentist. So, this procedure can serve as a source of beautifying a person’s smile at the cost of some pain and a lot of bucks – but it is worth it? We will leave that for you to decide!

Orthodontic Treatments

It is not just children but also adults who are going for orthodontic treatments nowadays, thanks to the clear orthodontic aligners that can straighten the teeth without being as noticeable as metallic braces.


Veneers offer a solution to dental issues like having a chipped tooth, discoloration, crooked teeth, or ga between teeth. This is achieved by means of covering the affected tooth with a thin shell made from ceramic or porcelain material, customized according to the specific need of the individual. Veneers are cemented on the front of teeth to cure the aforementioned dental conditions.

Inlays and Onlays

These are called indirect fillings that are fabricated in a dental lab from composite resin and attached to the damaged teeth through dental cement. These are required when there is minimal to moderate decay and not much tooth structure is left to support regular filling. If the tooth cusps are fine, inlays is positioned on the surface of the tooth directly. Onlays are used when the cusp or a larger tooth portion is damaged.


Implants offer a remedy to missing teeth by fitting in a metal device usually made from Titanium. This procedure is performed by a dentist in which a small-sized titanium screw is placed in the jaw where the missing tooth was present. Implants blend it perfectly with natural teeth of the affected individual, once they settle in with the surrounding bone structure and hence are permanently fuse in the fitted place. Implants are the only dental treatment for the lost teeth that actually supports the natural jaw structure which could otherwise be affected on loosing teeth as opposed to rendering other means such as dentures which may cause the affected individual to lose bones in an accelerated way.

Visit Brenham Family Dentistry to obtain the best cosmetic dentistry services in town. You teeth will be restored to a pristine state through reliable treatments.

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