Oral Hygiene Care Tips

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These may sound too obvious, but did you know that oral hygiene and care goes beyond brushing your teeth twice a day? Practicing good oral hygiene starts at being vigilant about it. It is important that we observe care for our teeth every day.

There are techniques involved that dictate how you should brush and floss your teeth.


Here is what you need to do.

  • Your tooth brush should be at a 45° angle with the point of contact between your gums and your teeth.

  • Do not put a lot of force into it. Use short strokes and gentle movements

  • Get all the surfaces of the teeth, not just the outer ones

  • Brush the inside surfaces using the tip of the tooth brush

  • Make sure you brush your tongue as well. It freshens up your breath and removes all bacteria.


There is a step by step technique to do this the right way.

  • Take 18 inches of floss and wind it around the middle fingers of each hand you can easily hold the floss securely between your forefingers and thumb.

  • Floss using gentle motions.

  • Once you see the floss reaching the gum line, bend it in a curve against one tooth. You can then gently slide these in the space between two teeth.

  • You need to conform the floss to take the shape of the tooth instead of simply holding it tight and rubbing it up and down.

Do this for all the teeth.


Oral hygiene has a lot to do with the kind of foods that you eat. Food acids are responsible to soften the material the tooth is made out of. They dissolve the minerals in tooth enamel and cause holes. Sometimes, cases can escalate so severely that the tooth is eaten right down to the gum. The foods that you need to avoid include fruit juices, soft drinks, and other acidic beverages. Also make sure that you avoid sugary delicacies as much as you can as the plaque in your mouth is what turns sugar into acids.

Knocked Out Teeth

If you experience this, make sure that you hold the tooth back in place while you are looking for dental advice. If this cannot be made possible, wrap the tooth in plastic or place it in milk and seek some dental advice as fast as you can.

Do Not Use Teeth For Anything Other than Smiling and Chewing

Have you noticed those people who treat their teeth as a tool against anything? Stop cracking nuts, opening bottle caps, and ripping packets with your teeth. They may chip or break any time.

And there you go, check out the best oral hygiene care in Brenham at Brenham Family Dental. Make an appointment today.

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