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How to Treat Your Bad Breath Issue

May 13, 2016 1877 Views Your breath is often one of the first few things people notice about you. As such, maintaining proper oral hygiene is considerably important, because it helps keep your gums healthy and also makes sure you stay away from any dental problems (such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, and gingivitis). What’s more, maintaining your oral hygiene … Continue reading "How to Treat Your Bad Breath Issue" Read more

How to Develop Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits in Kids

April 23, 2016 1167 Views Just like anything else in life, if you can develop a healthy habit while you are young, the whole process of maintaining that habit is considerably easier. Good oral health habits, such as flossing and brushing regularly, are best if they are established in a person when they are young. As a kid, the establishment … Continue reading "How to Develop Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits in Kids" Read more

Foods and Drinks That Are Detrimental to Oral Health

April 12, 2016 1350 Views Does it really matter which beverage, breakfast cereal, and snack you pick from the grocery shelves? As far as your oral hygiene is concerned, it makes a huge difference. The drinks and foods you opt for each consist of different ingredients, such as acids, sugars, vitamins, and minerals, with each of them having different nutritional … Continue reading "Foods and Drinks That Are Detrimental to Oral Health" Read more

How Pregnancy Affects Oral Health?

November 19, 2015 907 Views

During pregnancy, a woman’s hormones are all over the place. Sometimes, women develop strange cravings and that too in the middle of night. However, that is not the point here though. We are here to educate women about the effects of pregnancy on oral health. During pregnancy, gums may begin to turn red and bleed … Continue reading “How Pregnancy Affects Oral Health?”

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Oral Hygiene Care Tips

September 29, 2015 952 Views

These may sound too obvious, but did you know that oral hygiene and care goes beyond brushing your teeth twice a day? Practicing good oral hygiene starts at being vigilant about it. It is important that we observe care for our teeth every day. There are techniques involved that dictate how you should brush and … Continue reading “Oral Hygiene Care Tips”

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Flossing For Dental Health

July 10, 2015 1306 Views

We all know that daily brushing is important in order to maintain healthy teeth. It helps to remove plaque and bacteria that can cause tooth decay, but flossing is just as important because flossingremoves plaque and bacteria from areas of your teeth and gums that cannot be reached by your toothbrush. Healthy teeth and gums … Continue reading “Flossing For Dental Health”

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