Why Low-Cost Dental Care is the New Norm

Do you think having a healthy smile requires spending a small fortune in dental care? That is no longer the case with many low-cost dental care options available. Preventive care is the best way to reduce dental costs and have a healthy, beautiful smile, an asset than everyone deserves to enjoy. Low-cost dental care is the new norm for those that take advantage of preventive care for their smiles.

Preventive Procedures for Low-Cost Dental Care

Many high-cost dental procedures are needed due to lack of preventive dental care. While home oral health care is a vital part of reducing the chance of decay and tooth infections, it is only part of the preventive care equation. Routine dental visits for cleanings and checkups, along with procedures such as sealants and fluoride treatments can help prevent future dental issues. Two visits to the dentist per year can result in low-cost dental care for the whole family for these reasons:

  • Most dental insurance plans cover up to 100% of checkups and cleanings
  • Checkups can catch small dental issues to repair before they become larger, more expensive problems
  • Cleanings can remove plaque and tartar that can lead to gum disease, decay and extensive dental problems
  • Sealants, fluoride and other treatments can protect teeth and prevent tooth decay and disease

By using preventive procedures offered by your dentist, you can make low-cost dental care a reality. The cost for preventive and proactive procedures is a fraction of the cost of reactive procedures, saving you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in dental care costs per year.

Brenham Family Dental welcomes the opportunity to offer your family low-cost dental care. Call today to schedule your next checkup and cleaning and reduce the cost of keeping your smile and those in your family healthy.

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