Is it Normal to Have Fever After Tooth Extraction?

Surgeries are never easy, and you might even hate it if it stops you from having your favorite slice of apple pie. There are many pre-surgery and post-surgery precautions that you should follow to make it successful and for a healthy recovery. Such is the case with a tooth extraction. Dentists recommend a few things to follow before the procedure and few for the aftercare. The aftercare includes managing some symptoms. For example, you might have a fever after tooth extraction.

Let us have a detailed look at some common post-surgery symptoms and how to handle them.   

Fever after Tooth Extraction

It is quite common to have a fever after surgery; however, make sure that your body temperature should not cross above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to keep checking the temperature after tooth extraction because if it is higher than 100 degrees or if it lasts more than a few days, it is a sign of an infection.

Apart from fever, there are few more signs to look for that might indicate an infection such as:

  • Medicine is not able to dull the pain
  • Numbness
  • Trouble swallowing or breathing
  • Continuous bleeding that does not stop even with applied pressure
  • Swelling worsening overtime

If you notice such symptoms, it is time to make a quick move towards your dentist.

Extreme Pain after Tooth Extraction 

You cannot deny the fact that oral surgeries involve some level of pain. Although you will not feel any pain during the surgery due to anesthesia, the game is not the same after the surgery. You may feel some level of pain and discomfort, and your dentist will recommend you, pain killers, to ease your life. Generally, the pain lasts for three to four days, but sometimes it can extend to even a week and should be manageable with medicine. However, if the medicines do not work and you feel extreme pain, then talk to your dentist.

If you are dealing with the mentioned post-surgery signs, visit your local dentist. Call Brenham Family Dental and Orthodontics at 979-421-9685 to book an appointment.  

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