In The Quest Of Whiter Teeth Don’t Forget What’s Teeth’s’ Natural Color

A white smile has many perks. Not only does it seem to be healthy and attractive, but a white smile is also an epitome confidence booster. Consequently, while we are bombarded with a gleaming white set of teeth on T.V and cinema, many start to lose heart in their natural smile. Hence, many strive to achieve a pearl white smile, also dubbed as the “Hollywood smile”.

The natural color of the teeth is white with a tinge of yellow. Furthermore, the whiteness of teeth varies from individual to individual. No wonder a friend of yours has a slightly whiter set of teeth than you.

The Factors That Determine Your Tooth Color:

The visible part of the tooth is known as the crown. The crown comprises dentin capsuled by an enamel. Hence dentin and the enamel covering play a vital role in determining your tooth color. Enamel is a naturally white mineral layer. On the other hand, the dentin underneath has a yellowish color. This combination of enamel and dentin gives the tooth its yellowish hue. However, the degree of whiteness is determined by the thickness and opacity of the enamel. Consequently, the more thick and opaque your enamel is, the whiter your teeth will be.

Moreover, not everyone is born with the same enamel thickness and translucence. As a result, teeth whiteness varies significantly from individual to individual. This means genetics plays a vital role in determining the natural color of your tooth. You are most likely to inherit the natural teeth color of your parents.

Your Age And Teeth Color:

With age, enamel weakens and gets thinner. Consequently, the dentin underneath enjoys more spotlight. Hence, the older you get, the yellower your teeth become. However, while aging is inevitable, you can still control the discoloration of your teeth by adopting a healthy oral routine and through your diet.

Yes, your diet also contributes to your tooth color. A few foods and drinks leave a mark on your teeth. Following is a list of food that part with stains or contribute to tooth discoloration:

  • Sugary and acidic foods speed up tooth decay that further damages the enamel making it porous and thinner.
  • Drinking coffee, tea, wine, and other dark color drinks can stain the enamel and distort its white color.
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco leaves behind its dark blackish stain on the enamel.

Precaution Using Whitening Products:

The craze of white teeth translated into many self-care products. These products claim to whiten teeth upon proper use. However, these products can do more harm than good. Some of them can be aggressive on your enamel and damage it in the long run. Consequently, many complain about heightened sensitivity after the use of home care procedures.

Therefore, before you give in to these whitening fads, consult a dentist if you feel teeth whitening is vital. You can rely on Brenham Family Dental for safe whitening options and treatment. Therefore, call us at 979-421-9685 to book an appointment.

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