Impacted Wisdom Tooth Trouble? Here Are Four Common Complications

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars erupting in your twenties. However, their eruption is the least of your problem; instead, it’s their inability to bud that leads to potential issues. One such issue is impacted wisdom teeth, which happens when there is not enough space for your wisdom to surface. Therefore, sometimes they cannot bud out of the gums, or at times only a part of your wisdom tooth and make the appearance. Either of the above cases is known as impacted wisdom teeth and can lead to complications.

Complications Of Impacted Wisdom Tooth:

An impacted wisdom tooth can lead to several problems, such as:

  • Infection: When a part of a wisdom tooth appears above the gum, it can create small gaps and sites where food can linger around. Bacterial colonies start to spring here because these sites can be challenging to clean. Thus, you can expect bacterial infection, due to which you may experience swelling, sore jaw, and toothache. Your body can recover from minor infections, but you will need medications; antibiotics can serve you well.
  • Cavities: When you can’t properly clean a tooth, you may expect cavities to attack. Cavities not only damage the wisdom tooth but can also jump to nearby molar and damage your healthy and functioning molars.
  • Cysts: Follicular cysts can form at the roots of impacted wisdom teeth. Cysts are sacs of transparent fluid. Common symptoms include swelling within the gum and general discomfort. However, if cysts are given a free hand, they can cause irrevocable damage to bone, leading to bone tissue loss.
  • Pressure on the neighboring molars: Your unerupted wisdom tooth tries its best to make room, but in the process, it applies pressure on molars beside it. This can damage the structure of the neighboring molar, and it can even lead to a shift in the dental arrangement. This will be a nightmare if you wear braces to improve your teeth’ alignment.

What’s The Way Forward:

There is only one way to deal with anything your impacted wisdom tooth throws at you, wisdom tooth extraction. It’s a simple position where your dentist will remove the wisdom tooth. A wisdom tooth extraction is often followed by a recovery week, and after that, everything will be back to normal.

What If Impacted Wisdom Tooth Is Asymptomatic:

At times you may have impacted wisdom, and you may don’t even know about it until it’s revealed to you in your regular dental checkup. Hence, what does that mean? You may not face complications of impacted wisdom teeth now, but you may in the future. However, there is a high chance it can be a smooth ride for you. So should you remove the wisdom tooth? It’s better to act on your dentist’s advice.


You shouldn’t take impacted wisdom tooth complications lightly and visit your dentist as soon as possible. Find an experienced dentist for a smooth surgery, like you can rely on Brenham Family Dental for all your dental needs. You can call us at 979-421-9685 for more inquiries.

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