Home Remedies For Wisdom Tooth Infection

While often overlooked, it’s better to take precautions for the lovely set of pearly whites you have. Have you caught your teeth feeling sensitive when you eat a popsicle or sip on coffee? Do you feel pressure on your teeth when you bite into a crunchy apple? These signs indicate a tooth infection, but thankfully, our home remedies can help you to deal with the pain and prevent it from worsening.

What Is Tooth infection?

A tooth infection arises when bacteria gradually build up in your mouth and thrive long enough to cause tooth decay. How can you avoid this? By practicing good brushing habits to get rid of the bacteria. Your wisdom teeth are more vulnerable to a tooth infection due to their location in your mouth. Therefore, making you oblivious of the places your toothbrush isn’t able to reach. As a result of improper cleaning, your wisdom teeth develop a tooth infection that can spread if left untreated.

How To Treat Wisdom Tooth Infection At Home?

Are you looking for a natural home remedy to cure that ache from a tooth infection? Here are some home remedies you can try out:

Salt Water
The best way to flee those bacteria build-ups is by rinsing your mouth with a salt solution. All you need to do is to add a teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water and mix it well. Thoroughly rinse your mouth with this solution for a few minutes before spitting it out. What this does is kill the bacteria present in your mouth and reduce any pain you’re facing.

Not many are fans of the spicy taste and the strong smell of raw garlic. However, it’s worth trying, especially if you’re struggling with a tooth infection. Garlic contains antibacterial properties that can fight off bacteria in your mouth and alleviate any persistent pain caused by the infection. Gently bite down on a freshly peeled garlic clove and leave it against your tooth for a few minutes.

Ice Pack
One symptom of a tooth infection is swelling found on your face. The bacterial infection can cause swelling in your gums or cheeks, but there is a way to treat it. The easiest way to decrease the swelling is by applying an ice cube against your gums. As for your face or neck, try wrapping up a few ice cubes in a towel or use a bag of frozen peas and place it on the area of swelling for comfort.

Clove Oil
Clove oil efficiently numbs any pain you might face due to a tooth infection. This oil contains a numbing agent which is perfect for soothing the discomfort in your mouth. Dip a small piece of cotton into clove oil and gently apply it or bite down on it at the affected area. For maximum relief, you can repeat this until you feel relaxed.

These remedies might not be effective against severe infection, and you should visit a dentist ASAP. Brenham Family Dental can help you out with your wisdom tooth infection. Call us at (979) 421-9685 to book an appointment.

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