Here Are Some Remedies To Help You With Your Bad Breath

Bad breath is quite a common issue that may land you in awkward situations. Therefore, we always look for ways to fight it. You can choose chemicals found in supermarkets or rely on these home remedies. However, they will only help mask the odor. Thus, for proper diagnosis of any underlying conditions, always refer to a dentist. Nonetheless, it is great to equip yourself with remedies that can help abate bad breath.

Causes Of Bad Breath:

Diet: Some foods are notorious for their smelly odor that lingers on for some time after you have eaten them. Such foods include onion, garlic, cheese, alcohol, tobacco, and many more.

Dry Mouth: Dry mouth caused by drooping saliva concentration also adds to your bad breath. This mostly occurs during nighttime, and you wake up with a smelly bad breath. Saliva has an antiseptic role to play, without which odor-causing bacteria can wreak havoc.

Bacterial Buildup:Being sloppy in dental hygiene triggers a series of events that leads to bacteria buildup. This film of bacteria covering your teeth is plaque that can extend and irritate gums. As gums recede, plaque fills up the pockets of a gap left behind. These bacteria also add to the smelly mouth problem. Other than that, your tongue also hosts odor-causing bacteria.

Remedies To Combat Bad Breath:

Practicing Good Dental Hygiene: It’s the most critical step in controlling bad breath. Try to brush after every meal to dislodge any stuck food. Use floss and mouthwash to help you out with bad breath. While good dental hygiene helps to keep your oral microbiome in check, the following food can also help out:

  • Yogurt: Yogurt flood your body with ‘good bacteria,’ lactobacillus. These can help combat bad bacteria in different parts of your body. According to research, 80% of participants reported a reduction in their bad breath after eating yogurt for weeks.

Controlling Your Diet: Try to limit your intake of onion and garlic. Other than that, try to limit your alcohol consumption. Moreover, if you smoke tobacco, you should try to quit smoking. Nonetheless, you can mask or lessen the intensity of your bad breath using these food products:

  • Milk: Research has shown that drinking a glass of milk after a feast heavy in onion and garlic can help improve “garlicky” breath.
  • Pineapple: According to anecdotal evidence eating pineapple or drinking its juice can help you combat bad breath.

Say No To Dry Mouth: If dry mouth troubles you during your sleep, then sleep with a bottle of water alongside. When you moisturize your mouth, you will notice a reduction in your bad breath. Other than water, you can always rely on the following fruit:

  • Oranges: These are rich in Vitamin C, making them a great dental accessory for you. Vitamin C also helps to stimulate saliva production. Hence, oranges also ease dry mouth.


Like we discussed before, bad breath is sometimes caused by an underlying cause that requires professional treatment. Hence, visit Brenham Family Dental or call us at 979-421-9685 for any inquiries.

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