Guide to Dental Implant recovery and aftercare

A dental implant procedure replaces the missing tooth with an artificial one that functions similarly to the real tooth. But the surgery is a complicated procedure, and dental implant recovery needs sufficient time. It is an expensive option and replaces both dentures and bridges. However, it has a tremendous success rate; many prefer it over other treatments. In many cases, a bone graft is done before the dental implant to ensure that the gum holds sufficient bone to grip the new tooth. However, during the recovery time, the individual has to maintain good oral hygiene. In the initial days after surgery, rinse your mouth with warm salt water a few times a day. Avoid the use of mouthwash for a few days. After 24 hours, start brushing and regularly take medications as prescribed.

What happens after the dental implant procedure?

There is nothing to scare in dental implant surgery. Today the use of sedatives and medicines has made the process much less painful. But, caring for the new tooth and gums is essential. For a few days, eat soft food and do not indulge in strenuous exercises. Few experience fever, soreness, tiredness, and little bearable pain, but it will lessen in a few days. The area might bleed a bit, causing nausea due to the taste and swallowing of blood. If you feel the condition is not returning to normal, visit the clinic for a checkup. Besides these immediate responses, an individual’s age, health, and hygiene contribute to the severity of symptoms and its healing time.

How much time does a dental implant recovery take?

The time varies as per the procedure. The ones with healthy gums who did not need a bone graft, recover quickly within one or two days. But more time is required for healing in the case of bone graft and dental implant. From a few days, it can extend up to a week or so. However, it is wise to resume an active life once the teeth and gums heal. It is better to avoid smoking or tobacco intake in any form for a few days as it can cause infections and implant failure. The recovery time for smokers is longer if we compare it to others.

Tips for quicker recovery

The following few tips might speed up the recovery procedure;

  • Eat soft food only for a few days or weeks. Sticky and crunchy food will cause damage to the implant and can make matters worst. Do not use a straw.
  • Avoid habits that put pressure on the teeth and gums. Crunching ice or biting nails affects not only health but also threatens the implant.
  • Smoking and alcohol are not suitable for oral care; avoid it for a few weeks after the dental implant. Alcohol can also react with medicines in the mouth, irritating the gums.
  • Take special care of oral hygiene. Brush, floss, and rinse your mouth regularly with warm saltwater. Rinsing will cleanse the area, and it will recover quickly.

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