Four Home Remedies To Help You With The Pain Of Dental Infection

There are many things to dislike about a dental infection or dental abscess. However, the associated throbbing pain is worst of all. Hence, effective pain management can make the experience a lot bearable until you get in touch with a dentist. Either you can take OTC painkillers or turn towards some natural alternatives. Natural painkillers have the benefit of being natural with fewer side effects. However, you should still consult a doctor for possible side effects of the following remedies.

Willow Bark:

Over centuries many individuals have used willow barks to help with pain and swelling. Willow bark played a critical role in the production of the first-ever painkiller pill aspirin. The pain-relieving compound found in aspirin and the willow bark is quite similar.

Nowadays, you can purchase dried up willow bark, and you can brew it in the form of tea. It can relieve the pain and fever associated with a dental infection.


This grounded yellow herb is a fantastic pain reliever. Therefore, turmeric powder can help you with dental pain. There are several ways to use this herb to ease the pain. One way to do use this remedy is through topical application.

You can add some water to the turmeric powder and turn it into a thick paste. Afterward, you can apply this paste to the troublesome area. Apply this paste twice or thrice a day to keep the pain tolerable.

Another way to intake turmeric is by dissolving the herb in warm milk and gulping it all down. Turmeric milk also helps reduce stress.


Cloves themselves are somewhat a tooth specialist. These are the go-to natural herb for tooth pain. All you need to do is soak a cotton ball in clove oil and gently dab it on the affected area. Gently pressing down cloves in between teeth will also help with the pain. However, biting down on cloves during a dental infection is not recommended. This is because you will find it very difficult and painful to bite due to the infection.

Yoga, meditation, or exercise:

Yoga and meditation help regulate the energy flow in the body. Furthermore, such activities also release endorphins in the blood. Endorphins are the painkillers produced by the body. Hence, a fruitful combination of endorphins and energy balance will rush you with relief and relax you a bit.


During a dental infection, you are most likely to encounter throbbing pain, swollen cheeks, and fever. Therefore, the discussed remedies will help ease some of the symptoms. However, when the condition gets better, don’t forget to visit a dentist. You should tread lightly in case of dental infection as it can spread to the body.

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