Flossing For Dental Health

Flossing Technique Brenham

We all know that daily brushing is important in order to maintain healthy teeth. It helps to remove plaque and bacteria that can cause tooth decay, but flossing is just as important because flossingremoves plaque and bacteria from areas of your teeth and gums that cannot be reached by your toothbrush. Healthy teeth and gums not only require daily brushing but daily flossing as well.

Missing food particles with a toothbrush is very common because the brush simply cannot reach between teeth and down into the gums like dental floss can, especially if you are flossing properly. If you rely on brushing only, those hard-to-reach areas will suffer from a buildup of food particles, plaque and bacteria leaving your mouth susceptible to tooth decay. This debris left behind in your mouth also contributes to bad breath.

There are two types of dental floss including nylon and single filament. Nylon is available as a waxed or non-waxed product and the waxed product comes in different flavors. Nylon tooth floss is made up of several thin strands of nylon and in some cases; this can cause a problem because those filaments can tear during the flossing process. If that happens, bits of filament can become lodged between your teeth. Single filament floss will not tear like this so it is a better option.

While nylon flosses may be lower quality, it will still do a good job of cleaning your teeth and gums. It will effectively remove food particles and bacteria as desired. If you are new to flossing, you will find that a lot of material can be lodged between teeth, and down inside your gum tissue. You will be surprised at how effective flossing is, and that over time your teeth and gums will feel better you will be far less likely to contract periodontal disease caused by bacteria in your gum tissue and teeth.

If you have never flossed, or if you have not flossed in a long time, yo
u will likely experience some bleeding of your gums when you first begin flossing. This is normal but unfortunately, it seems to frighten some people away from flossing. This type of bleeding is normal, especially after prolonged periods of no flossing activity. Many people find that after several weeks of regular flossing, the bleeding subsides considerably.

If bleeding gums is an issue that is keeping you from flossing, it is important that you overcome this fear as quickly as possible. The reality is that bleeding gums is merely a sign that your gums are in need of attention, and after just a little time, the bleeding will no longer be a problem.

If you have questions about your flossing habits, and proper flossing technique, contact us at Brenham Family Dentistry today so that we can examine your teeth and make recommendations to you regarding the frequency and techniques you are using to floss your teeth. Conveniently located, we are dedicated to be Brenham, Texas’ first choice in dental care

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