Fix a Broken Tooth at an Affordable Dentist

While a broken tooth may not be an emergency, it is a devastating blow to your smile. An affordable dentist can be located.

Broken teeth can be a bigger problem than you think. Maybe you cracked a tooth during sports, or maybe you broke several teeth during an accident. Whatever the case, repairing broken teeth is important for your comfort and self-esteem. It’s also important for your overall oral health. An affordable dentist can help you without damaging your finances.

The Affordable Dentist and your Teeth

You should never let broken teeth go without repair for a long time. There are many reasons why. A broken tooth, while it may not seem all that serious at the time, can cause pain in the future. For instance, if a nerve is exposed, pain may not occur until a little later after the incident which caused the break. This is only one reason why you should seek an affordable dentist.

How to Fix Broken Teeth

If you’re wondering about how your teeth will be saved, here’s a hint. An affordable dentist can either save the tooth or replace it with a cap. This depends on the severity of the accident. If the tooth is only chipped, it can be fixed. However, if the tooth is broken in more than one place, it might have to be extracted. Only an affordable dentist can evaluate what must be done.

Saving your Smile

Although your smile has been damaged by broken teeth, you can still get it back. The affordable dentist at Brenham Family Dental can help you discover your best options for tooth repair. Don’t delay, broken teeth may seem harmless, but can often become a much bigger problem in the future. Contact an affordable dentist right away.

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