How to Encourage Your Child to Take Care Of Their Teeth?

Developing oral care habits in your children

Children are fond of eating things that damage their teeth in the long run. Things like candy, soda, sugary foods and frozen items make their teeth weak and prone to getting rotten before age or falling early. It’s difficult to keep them off such things with so many options that they have access to but you can encourage them to have healthier teeth cleaning habits to make sure that they have good dental health.

The Right Toothbrush

Buy them the tooth brush that is suitable for their teeth. The size of the toothbrush, bristle material, strength as well as the structure of the mouth piece make a lot of difference. You can buy a powered or a manual one but make sure that the bristles are soft and rounded for a child’s tooth brush. Hard and squared bristles can damage their gums, especially if they are still teething.

Make it a Fun Activity

There are various cartoon-figured tooth brushes available in the market. You can buy them their favorite colored, girly, boyish, Spiderman-themed or Hello Kitty look a-like tooth brush to make it appear as a fun activity that they look forward to and enjoy doing. Children are fascinated by fictional characters and their imagination is developing every day. So, this will keep them mentally involved in the task rather than seeing it as a monotonous routine that they have to follow.

Not Too Much Of the Tooth Paste

Too much toothpaste can also make them avoid brushing their teeth. Put a pea sized amount of toothpaste on their toothbrush. You can buy flavored toothpaste for them as well. Children usually like the sweeter ones over those having a strong taste of chloride. So, get them the ones they prefer using. Many companies have launched special toothpastes for children; you can get those as well.

Brush Your Teeth Together

You can brush your teeth together with them and make it a joint activity. Seeing you doing it will not only encourage them, but they will learn how to do it properly as well. Children are great imitators; so, they will love to follow in your footsteps and get into the habit in no time.

Attractive Flossing Threads

Flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth. Let your child pick up their favorite colored threads and floss their teeth with them every night after dinner. The thought of having their favorite colored threads and making the choice themselves will serve as a positive reinforcement. They can even use hand held flossers if they want.

Start Early

It is very important that children learn and develop healthy oral care habits at an early age. Get them into these routines and activities in the early periods so that they get used to it sooner.

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