What May Cause Diastema?

What is Diastemas?

Diastema is a gap or space between the teeth. Space can be anywhere between the teeth but is most commonly seen between the upper front teeth. It is common in both adults and children. Children face this issue when their primary teeth fall out; fortunately, in many cases, the gap fills when their permanent teeth erupt.

Causes of Diastemas

There are many factors that can cause diastema.
• One factor is the difference between the size of a jaw bone and teeth. A gap can occur if the teeth are too small to fit the jaw bone, and can result in teeth that are far spaced from each other.
• Diastema can also occur if there is an overgrowth of the tissue between your front upper teeth and the gum line. The excess tissue can create spaces between these teeth.
• Children who are habitual of sucking their thumb can face this issue. The sucking creates pressure on the front teeth that pulls them forward, which creates a gap between them.
• Gum disease also plays an important role in creating a teeth gap. Gum disease can damage the gums and teeth supporting tissues, which causes tooth loss and gaps between the teeth.

Diastema Treatment

The treatment depends on the severity and the cause of the teeth gap.

• One of the most common treatments is using braces to close the teeth gap. Braces put pressure on your teeth and pull or push them to fill the gaps.
• You may have to undergo surgery to remove the excessive gum tissue and put on the braces after that to correct a larger gap.
• If a gap is caused by gum disease, you must be given a treatment to eliminate the infection before a procedure is started to fill the spaces between teeth.

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