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Complications in Dental Bone Grafting

February 29, 2020 9937 Views

Jawbone loss is a common dental issue caused by gum disease, injury, trauma, infections, and cavities. With this condition, if you need a dental implant, you will have to go under a dental procedure to add extra bone to your jaw. Bone grafting is a type of dental procedure that helps to build up the … Continue reading “Complications in Dental Bone Grafting”

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Chipped Tooth Repair is Easier than Ever

May 26, 2017 1038 Views

For many people, a chipped tooth happens when they least expect it. Although the enamel on our teeth is the hardest substance in the human body it can also weaken over time, leading to an array of dental issues. Some of the main culprits behind a chipped tooth are eating hard foods, decay and trauma. … Continue reading “Chipped Tooth Repair is Easier than Ever”

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The Perfect Smile: 6 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments You Can Go For

August 1, 2016 4364 Views

Cosmetic dentistry is all about making the appearance of the teeth better for a bright, beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry is definitely on the rise. Here are 6 dentistry procedures that can transform your smile: Teeth Whitening This technique provides a way to remove stains and make your teeth appear brightened. There is a variety of … Continue reading “The Perfect Smile: 6 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments You Can Go For”

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What Are Different Dental Procedures for Chipped Tooth Repair?

October 18, 2015 3404 Views

If you have a chopped tooth, you have a ruined smile. In most cases, your front teeth becomes chipped because you fell on hard concrete, you chewed ice, or a bit too hard on hard candy. When you look in the mirror to see the damage, you cry out in terror, as you feel as … Continue reading “What Are Different Dental Procedures for Chipped Tooth Repair?”

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