Dental anxiety in children

Fearing dentists and the dental procedure is common in people. A lot of people feel afraid of visiting the dentist due to the fear of dental procedures. Children to avoid regular visits to the dentist as they are afraid. But how many of the parents have tried to understand the reasons behind this fear?

Reasons for dental anxiety

Dental anxiety can negatively affect the oral health of a child. When a routine dental visit is missed, it starts affecting the oral hygiene routine. But when children start avoiding dental checkups, parents should find out the reasons.

Often children hear from their friends that their late dental visit was horrible. Keeping the same in mind, your child would perceive his/her experience to be the same. Children often get afraid of going breathless during a treatment. This fear stops them from visiting a dentist. A child may also fear to have a painful experience if the past visits were not pleasant. It then becomes necessary to manage the dental anxiety so that the child will be able to visit the dentist without any fear.

Managing your child’s dental anxiety

Parents transfer their healthy oral routine to the children. When parents regularly visit the dentist, children also become habitual of that. However, some children need to be mentally prepared before their dental visit. Choosing the right dentist plays an important role in reducing dental fear. A dentist who understands a child’s needs will be a child’s favorite. Another thing that helps reducing a child’s dental fear is to make him/her know the upcoming dental visits in advance so that the child would get some time to ease him/herself.

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