Why you need to ‘Crown’ your Teeth

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What are crowns? Covered by enamel, they are the visible portion of your teeth. Dental crowns are applied to your tooth if it gets broken or chipped. Stainless steel or cement is used to perform crowning. You can completely cap or encircle your teeth by crowning, that allows you to replace your lost teeth. There are many benefits of using crowning or dental bridges to replace your teeth. Following are some of them:

Why use Dental bridges

  • There is no surgical procedure involved in getting dental bridges for your teeth

  • They are extremely steady

  • A simple and inexpensive method to replace your lost teeth

  • Minimal pain

  • Need to visit the dentist only twice for the entire procedure

Why use dental crowns

Here are some reasons for you to use a dental crown:

  • Prevent breakage of your weak tooth

  • Cover your implants

  • Color the tooth that has been discolored

  • Support the tooth with a large filling

  • Replace the tooth that is broken

Now that you know some of the reasons to use dental crowns, let’s look at the benefits they have to offer. Following are the benefits of crowns:

  • Prevent your covered tooth from decaying further with the help of crowns

  • A crown eliminates the need for a bridge as it can be placed over an implant

  • Compared to a bridge, a crown has better aesthetics

  • Compared to bridges, crowns require less pulverizing of surrounding teeth

  • A crown can last a decade if it’s properly taken care of

How a crown is prepared

In order to get your crown, you’ll need to visit your dentist twice or thrice. During your first visit, the dentist will examine and prepare your tooth for the crown. Some dentists may use the first visit only for examination and will prepare your tooth for the crown during your second visit. Finally, when you visit the dentist for the second or third time, he or she will place a permanent crown in your mouth.

When you visit the dentist to prepare your tooth for the crown, a temporary crown will be placed in your mouth. This temporary crown will be removed during your next visit to the dentist and in its place a permanent crown will be placed. However, before placing the permanent crown in your mouth, the dentist will check its color and shape. If the dentist feels confident about the crown then your tooth will be desensitized with a local analgesic and the crown will be permanently placed in your tooth.

Both dental bridges and crowns are beneficial for your teeth. Therefore, in order to choose between bridges and crowns for yourself, you need to consider all the benefits they have to offer before coming to a final decision. By contemplating the benefits of both, you’ll ensure that you don’t mess up your teeth.

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