Complications in Dental Bone Grafting

Jawbone loss is a common dental issue caused by gum disease, injury, trauma, infections, and cavities. With this condition, if you need a dental implant, you will have to go under a dental procedure to add extra bone to your jaw. Bone grafting is a type of dental procedure that helps to build up the jawbone so that a dental implant can be securely placed. Bone grafting influences the success of the dental implant that requires reliable and sufficient jawbone. However, like any other dental procedure, there are complications associated with bone grafting too.

Let us discuss some dental bone grafting complications.

Bone Graft Failure

A bone graft failure can occur during the healing process or later due to excessive resorption. It can fail due to several factors, such as:

  • Infection
  • Use of inappropriate material
  • Use of improper techniques during the procedure

Solution: If your bone graft is in bad shape but is still in place, you should immediately visit your local dentist for a checkup. Depending on your condition, the bone graft might require some supportive therapy or complete removal. After the removal, you will have to wait around 2-3 months to allow the site to heal before getting a new grafting.

Bone Graft Infection

Infection is bad for the health and success of the bone graft. The causes include:

  • use of infected bone grafting material
  • infected dental tools
  • using poor surgical techniques or
  • poor post-operative care

Solution: If the infection is at its initial stage, antibiotic therapy might be able to cure it. In more severe cases, you might need a removal along with antibiotic therapy. Once the healing process is over, you will need a new grafting.

Bone Graft Exposure

If the overlying gum tissue breaks down, the bone graft is exposed and loses blood supply, which damages it.

Solution: If the exposure is small, it might respond to antibiotics and heal over time. But if the exposure is very severe, then the graft might need to be removed.

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