Common Misconceptions About Dental Care!

Only sugar causes cavities? Are braces only for young people? Well these are the misconceptions about oral health that leads to us not taking care of our teeth and having false information.
It is important that we learn the truth about them and take better care of our teeth. Keep on reading to find out about these myths.


Here are some of the most common dental myths that we end up thinking are true:

  1. Losing teeth is Genetic
    One of the common myths is that people consider tooth loss to be genetic. However, it can be prevented. The reasons for losing teeth are usually cavities, poor oral hygiene, and trauma and gum diseases.
    You can prevent it by taking proper measures like brushing your teeth and flossing thoroughly, dental check-ups, use of mouthguards and maintaining a healthy diet.
  2. Chewing Gum is just like Brushing
    Do you really think that chewing gum can be a replacement for brushing teeth? The answer is clearly no!
    Sugar-free gum can make your breath smell better, increase the flow of saliva and get rid of some of the bacteria.
    However, it is not really the same as brushing or flossing, which can properly remove the sticky plaque forming on your teeth.
  3. White teeth are considered healthy
    In the beginning, teeth are usually white. However, it can turn yellow because of some reasons, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with them.
    Here are some of the reasons why our teeth get discolored:

    • Some foods and drinks end up staining our teeth
    • Aging also causes our tooth enamel, which is the outer shell of our teeth to wear off, making them look discolored.
    • There are some medications that can darken our teeth overtime
    • Unhealthy habits like smoking.
  4. Pregnant women should not go to the dentist
    Your regular dental appointments are just as important as any other appointments, especially for women that are pregnant.
    Pregnancy hormones can increase the risk of gum disease (gingivitis).
    Therefore it is extremely important for pregnant women to take care of their oral health and avoid skipping their routine dental check-ups.
  5. Dental check-up is only important when you have a problem
    Imagine visiting your dentist at the last moment when you’re in pain, finding out that you’re in trouble and they tell you it could have been dealt with beforehand.
    Sounds troublesome, right?
    Many dental issues can be treated and perhaps prevented when caught sooner.
    Cavities and gum disease are usually painless for a long time. As a result, you won’t be able to feel what is wrong, until and unless you experience the pain.
    Therefore regular check-ups every 6 months can prevent this from happening.

Wrap Up

Just as we keep our body healthy, it is also necessary to take care of your teeth and keep them healthy. Hence, don’t let these myths get into your head and visit your dentist on time. Visit Brenham Family Dental for a professional dental check-up. Call us at (979) 421-9685 for any queries or information.

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