Brenham Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Wise or Not?

Are you curious about why our wisdom teeth are called ‘wisdom teeth’? The origin of the term dates to the Seventeenth century, however, the general reason behind the name is derived from when the teeth begin to develop. Because our third set of molars begin to appear during early adulthood, the term is originated from the idea that as we age we become wiser. If you are wondering if it is wise or not to remove your wisdom teeth visiting with your dentist can help you gain a better understanding if yours require extraction. Brenham wisdom teeth extraction can provide you with a path to a healthy smile and lessen any issues that wisdom teeth can cause as they develop.


To Extract or Not to Extract

A question that everyone who still has their wisdom teeth asks their dentist is if they require extraction. Brenham wisdom teeth extraction is determined on a variety of factors. If they are positioned correctly inside the mouth and pain is not an issue, leaving your wisdom teeth in is okay. However, if your wisdom teeth are impacted or cause overcrowding, impeding the growth of your remaining teeth, it is wise to have them removed. Visiting with your dentist for regular dental exams that include x-rays and cleanings can help you determine is Brenham wisdom teeth extraction is right for you.


Is Pain the Only Indication of Removal?

If your wisdom teeth have grown in but you are not experiencing any pain the decision can be up to you. However, even with the absence of pain your dentist may still suggest removal. Because our wisdom teeth are difficult to clean as they are our third set of molars, often they become susceptible to cavities or decay. Brenham wisdom teeth extraction may not be right for everyone, however, if you are having trouble keeping your wisdom teeth clean it might be a wise decision to have them removed.


What Is a Good Age to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

There is no set age limit on when to have your wisdom teeth extracted. Everyone’s mouth develops differently. Some people may have their wisdom teeth appear in their teens, for others they can develop later in life. Brenham wisdom teeth extraction can be done regardless of your age. Your specific dental needs will determine if wisdom teeth extraction is right for you.

If you are concerned about your wisdom teeth causing dental issues, visit with the team at Brenham Family Dental today to learn about the pros and cons of wisdom teeth extraction.

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