Brenham Orthodontics Isn’t Just for Teens

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In the past, most orthodontic patients were pre-teens and teens. The need for braces commonly becomes evident at an early age. Misaligned or crowded teeth require help to straighten out. Since previous orthodontic treatments were less discreet than current alternatives, many adult patients went without this important service.

Nowadays, thanks to advances in dental technology, orthodontic services are much more appealing to all our patients. Adult patients can opt for orthodontic treatments that will not interfere with their social and professional lives. Misaligned, crooked or damaged teeth can be restored unobtrusively and in less time than previously possible.

Never Too Late for a Straight Smile

There are many causes which necessitate orthodontic care for patients of all ages. Conditions leading to malocclusion or misaligned teeth can range from crowded teeth to thumb sucking. In patients with small mouths, there is often inadequate room for a full set of teeth. As your natural teeth erupt through the gum tissue, they may be forced out of position by adjacent teeth, causing a crooked smile.

Other health issues that may require orthodontic care include jaw or bone tissue out of alignment, extra (supernumerary) teeth, or traumatic head or facial injury. These conditions can affect patients at any age, and Brenham Family Dental can correct them comfortably and discreetly with the aid of state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments.

Solutions for All Our Patients

Although many of the conditions that require orthodontic dentistry appear at an early age, many patients forego treatment until their adult years due to anxiety, insecurity or financial limitations.

Your Brenham orthodontist can restore your smile by gently and gradually guiding your teeth into proper alignment. For adult patients as well as teens, we can give you that healthy smile without the trauma associated with a “metal mouth”. And our services are priced to make it all possible for all patients to have the smile they desire.

Orthodontic appliances can be placed in the back of teeth, are available with new materials that are less visible and work effectively to correct misaligned teeth. Additionally, Brenham offers non-orthodontic cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign and clear aligners which are removable and virtually invisible as they straighten your teeth and restore your smile.
Ask your Brenham Family dentist about the solution that best works for you. Schedule a consultation to plan a treatment plan that will fit your needs and budget. We want you to give you the smile you have always wanted. Get started at Brenham Family Dental today.

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