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Care for Clear Aligners without Disrupting Your Daily Routine

November 15, 2023 801 Views

For many people, one of the most significant benefits of clear aligners is that they have minimal impact on your daily life. True to their name, clear aligners are made of a transparent synthetic material that makes them nearly invisible on your teeth. Caring For Your Clear Aligners Since clear aligners are removable, you can … Continue reading “Care for Clear Aligners without Disrupting Your Daily Routine”

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How Long Do Adults Wear Braces For?

July 30, 2020 2254 Views

Nowadays, it is very common to find adults with braces than it was a few years ago. But for how long do adults need to wear braces? Just like children, adults want to know how long their treatment will take. Since every case is unique, the treatment could take from several months to three years. … Continue reading “How Long Do Adults Wear Braces For?”

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Can Braces Cause Your Gums to Become Infected?

July 15, 2020 1389 Views

Getting your dream smile is just one of the many benefits that braces can help you to achieve. However, getting any type of braces will require that you change some of your oral hygiene habits and some of the food you eat and your habits to avoid issues like broken brackets or worse infected gums. … Continue reading “Can Braces Cause Your Gums to Become Infected?”

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Mouth Sores from braces

February 15, 2020 1064 Views

If you have misaligned teeth, braces might be the solution for you. Braces straighten your teeth to give you a perfect smile you have always wanted. Even though braces make dental corrections, they can also have some negative effects. For example, on every visit to your dentist, your braces will be tightened, which gives a … Continue reading “Mouth Sores from braces”

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Difference between Traditional and Cosmetic Braces

January 30, 2020 5522 Views

There are very few people who are born with perfect teeth. If you are not happy with the alignment of your teeth or your smile, then you are a part of the majority, facing this problem. But the good news is that a simple solution is present to eradicate your problem. Your dentist will recommend … Continue reading “Difference between Traditional and Cosmetic Braces”

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Three Common Myths About Braces

April 22, 2019 1007 Views

Dental braces are one of the most common orthodontic treatments available. But despite their popularity, many people still believe some outdated misconceptions about braces. In this article, you’ll learn the truth behind three common myths you may have heard about braces. Braces are Only for Kids Countless adults are unhappy with their smiles but choose … Continue reading “Three Common Myths About Braces”

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The Benefits of Clear Aligners from a Dentist in Brenham TX

January 14, 2019 828 Views

If you’re in need of braces, a dentist in Brenham TX can help. Many people are choosing clear aligners as a quality solution for their dental issues. Clear aligners aren’t just for creating a beautiful smile. There are other benefits including the goal of having properly aligned teeth. But wait! There’s more. The thing is, … Continue reading “The Benefits of Clear Aligners from a Dentist in Brenham TX”

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Is Low Cost Dental Care Available for Braces?

November 14, 2018 789 Views

Low cost dental care is the only answer for some individuals in need of braces. There are a few options to help you make the best possible decision in this area. No one really likes to wear braces, but unfortunately, it’s sometimes the only solution to a straight and aesthetically pleasing set of teeth. That’s … Continue reading “Is Low Cost Dental Care Available for Braces?”

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How Should You Care for Your Braces?

January 20, 2016 1684 Views

People with braces should learn the basic method to care for them. They should brush and floss their teeth, but in a slightly different way than before. The frequency of brushing and flossing your teeth is a critical factor in caring for braces. People who neglect to follow the instructions to maintain their teeth will … Continue reading “How Should You Care for Your Braces?”

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What You Need to Know before You Adorn Your Teeth with Braces

July 29, 2015 1694 Views

You want perfect teeth, totally understandable, but to attain perfection, you need braces. What type of braces should you get? Only orthodontics in Brenham can advise you on the type of braces you should get. You will have a limited choice though. Either you can go invisible with Invisalign, a more expensive option or you … Continue reading “What You Need to Know before You Adorn Your Teeth with Braces”

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