Bottom Teeth Hurt — What Could Be the Cause?

It’s no picnic when your teeth hurt, as it can cause a lot of discomforts and distract you from your task. The thing about tooth pain is that there are a lot of factors behind it. So if your bottom teeth hurt, you should contact your dentist for a diagnosis.

In this blog, we’ll list a few common causes your bottom teeth are aching. Carry on learning to get familiar with the possible culprits and the treatment options.

Why Do My Bottom Teeth Hurt?

Your bottom teeth could hurt due to multiple reasons, like cavities, infection, teeth grinding, cracked teeth, and more. Here are some factors that cause pain in your lower teeth:

1. You Grind Your Teeth

Some people indulge in teeth grinding, be it conscious or unconscious. When you grind your teeth a lot, it is called bruxism. This condition is quite damaging to your dental health since it can harm your teeth. Hence, your dental enamel might wear down as a result of clenching or grinding.

When enamel wears down, your teeth become weak and vulnerable. Among other symptoms, you might experience tooth pain. Therefore, teeth grinding and jaw clenching might be why your bottom teeth hurt. The pain might be a dull ache or constant throbbing. Your dentist might recommend a mouthguard to prevent your teeth from the effects of grinding.

2. You Have Cavities

Cavities are your teeth’s worst enemy — and once they arrive, you are sure to feel the signs. They result from bacteria reading on the surface of your teeth, feeding on sugary foods and drinks. The bacteria reacts with the sugar and, long story short causes tooth decay. Over time, tooth decay progresses if you don’t receive any treatments. Cavities can occur when the decay erodes your tooth enamel, making its way to the nerves of your teeth.

Your bottom teeth might hurt if you have a cavity. You’ll feel a severe, sharp pain suddenly upon biting down. If you suspect a cavity, don’t waste any time in getting immediate dental attention. Your dentist might suggest a tooth filling if the condition is not severe.

3. Your Tooth’s Root is Infected

A bottom toothache could indicate an infection in your tooth’s root. This might feel like throbbing, intense tooth pain. Furthermore, your gums will look swollen, and you might notice an abscess. Other than this, you would feel tooth sensitivity when biting down and having something too hot or too cold.

An infected tooth might require a root canal treatment. Your endodontist can perform the procedure to eliminate the pain and discomfort you are feeling.

4. You Have a Fractured or Broken Tooth

Do your bottom teeth hurt when chewing or biting down? This could indicate a cracked or broken tooth. The different layers of teeth protect its pulp, which lies at the center. However, the pulp will start causing discomfort when they’re revealed. A fracture can make it possible for bacteria to invade the nerves of your tooth, which might lead to a number of symptoms. A crack is usually not visible, but you can tell it’s there due to the signs.

In simple terms, your tooth might hurt when it is cracked or broken. Your dentist will inspect the crack to proceed with a suitable treatment plan.

The Takeaway

Your bottom teeth could hurt if you have a cavity, infected root, a cracked tooth, or if you indulge in teeth grinding and jaw clenching. At Brenham Family Dental, you can find the best treatments suited to your needs. Visit us at 2001 S Market St, Brenham, TX 77833, United States, for improved oral health. You can also contact us at (979) 421-9685.

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