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How Pregnancy Affects Oral Health?

November 19, 2015 738 Views

During pregnancy, a woman’s hormones are all over the place. Sometimes, women develop strange cravings and that too in the middle of night. However, that is not the point here though. We are here to educate women about the effects of pregnancy on oral health. During pregnancy, gums may begin to turn red and bleed … Continue reading “How Pregnancy Affects Oral Health?”

Wisdom Teeth Extraction—Should You Expect the Worst?

November 14, 2015 1881 Views

Not everyone goes through the problems associated with the development of the wisdom teeth, which are the third set of molar. For those who do, they will know that will have to visit their local dentist, as the there is no space for the wisdom tooth to come in through the gums. At one time, … Continue reading “Wisdom Teeth Extraction—Should You Expect the Worst?”

What Are Different Dental Procedures for Chipped Tooth Repair?

October 18, 2015 2596 Views

If you have a chopped tooth, you have a ruined smile. In most cases, your front teeth becomes chipped because you fell on hard concrete, you chewed ice, or a bit too hard on hard candy. When you look in the mirror to see the damage, you cry out in terror, as you feel as … Continue reading “What Are Different Dental Procedures for Chipped Tooth Repair?”

What Are the Risks and Benefits of Tooth Replacements on the Same Day?

October 6, 2015 588 Views

You no longer will have to wait months and weeks to get your dental implants. A new technique allows dentists to implant a placement and permanent crown on the same day. That’s right, you can make same day dental appointments for tooth replacement, saving you lots of time. However, with every technique, there are benefits … Continue reading “What Are the Risks and Benefits of Tooth Replacements on the Same Day?”

The Types of Tooth Colored Fillings

September 29, 2015 772 Views

If your teeth have suffered damage in the form of decay or are worn out in the form of chips or cracks, you should be doing your homework on all the options that you have for tooth fillings. Here are all the fillings and the types of materials that they are available in. Composite These … Continue reading “The Types of Tooth Colored Fillings”

Oral Hygiene Care Tips

September 29, 2015 776 Views

These may sound too obvious, but did you know that oral hygiene and care goes beyond brushing your teeth twice a day? Practicing good oral hygiene starts at being vigilant about it. It is important that we observe care for our teeth every day. There are techniques involved that dictate how you should brush and … Continue reading “Oral Hygiene Care Tips”

Everything that You Need to Know about Pediatric Dentistry

August 28, 2015 1430 Views

Pediatric dentistry is related to the oral health of children starting from their infancy through to their teen years. Dentists that are trained in pediatric dentistry basically have to quality for experience in dealing with teeth, gums and mouth of a child throughout their childhood. Children basically start developing their teeth when they are around … Continue reading “Everything that You Need to Know about Pediatric Dentistry”

How to Notice the Signs that Suggest You Require Root Canal Treatment?

August 21, 2015 1366 Views

A lot of people hate getting treatment for root canal, since it is not only painful but also expensive as well. However, if you find the problem early, then you will not only have to deal with less pain but the cost of the treatment may not be as much as well. Therefore, we at … Continue reading “How to Notice the Signs that Suggest You Require Root Canal Treatment?”

What You Need to Know before You Adorn Your Teeth with Braces

July 29, 2015 1308 Views

You want perfect teeth, totally understandable, but to attain perfection, you need braces. What type of braces should you get? Only orthodontics in Brenham can advise you on the type of braces you should get. You will have a limited choice though. Either you can go invisible with Invisalign, a more expensive option or you … Continue reading “What You Need to Know before You Adorn Your Teeth with Braces”

When Should You Seek Gum Disease Treatment in Brenham?

July 25, 2015 729 Views

In the United States, gum disease in one of the most prevalent diseases. It affects more than eighty percent of the population, and now, that is a lot of people not taking care of their teeth. Your teeth are the most important part of your entire appearance. Think of your teeth as the greeter, greeting … Continue reading “When Should You Seek Gum Disease Treatment in Brenham?”

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