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What Causes Teeth Stain And What Can You Do About It?

September 30, 2021 821 Views

Many foods we relish or products we use can leave their mark. Especially, on your teeth, these stains can spoil your smile. Therefore, let’s discuss foods and products that can stain your teeth. However, we will also discuss how you can avoid stains or remove them. Foods And Products That Can Cause Teeth Staining: Red … Continue reading “What Causes Teeth Stain And What Can You Do About It?”

Five Home Remedies To Make Your Dry Mouth More Bearable

September 15, 2021 1217 Views

Does your mouth feel like a desert scavenging for every drop of water? Yes, we know dry mouth is no fun and is annoying. However, it’s not an official diagnosable condition; rather, it’s a common symptom of many disorders. Hence, what’s a dry mouth and its causes. Furthermore, we will also discuss a few home … Continue reading “Five Home Remedies To Make Your Dry Mouth More Bearable”

What Happens When You Overuse Your Toothbrush Instead Of Replacing It

August 30, 2021 668 Views

Would you ever eat something that’s expired? We hope you just shook your head. After all, why would you use something that has passed its shelf life? However, has this thought crossed your mind when you brush your teeth? What if you are using a toothbrush way past its due date? When you don’t replace … Continue reading “What Happens When You Overuse Your Toothbrush Instead Of Replacing It”

Taking Good Care Of Your Oral Health When You Have Diabetes

August 15, 2021 705 Views

Diabetes makes life more difficult for individuals by testing their self-control to the limit. Inevitably, diabetes overshadows your oral health, and everything can go downhill if you don’t follow stringent guidelines to control diabetes. However, along with keeping your blood glucose in check, you need to practice better oral hygiene. Therefore, in this article, we … Continue reading “Taking Good Care Of Your Oral Health When You Have Diabetes”

Everything You Need To Know Oral Thrush.

July 30, 2021 208 Views

Our mouth has its unique ecosystem of microbes. Here every organism lodges in harmony, albeit a few that keep on competing. However, this competition is beneficial as it keeps microbe populations in check. Among these, a fungus resides known as Candida yeast, whose overgrowth leads to Oral Thrush. Consequently, let’s discuss what causes the overgrowth … Continue reading “Everything You Need To Know Oral Thrush.”

In The Quest Of Whiter Teeth Don’t Forget What’s Teeth’s’ Natural Color

July 15, 2021 1274 Views

A white smile has many perks. Not only does it seem to be healthy and attractive, but a white smile is also an epitome confidence booster. Consequently, while we are bombarded with a gleaming white set of teeth on T.V and cinema, many start to lose heart in their natural smile. Hence, many strive to … Continue reading “In The Quest Of Whiter Teeth Don’t Forget What’s Teeth’s’ Natural Color”

Arthritis In Your Jaw – Is That Possible ?

June 30, 2021 896 Views

When you think about arthritis, your jaw seldomly comes to your mind. Instead, the most recalled targets of this disease are one’s hands or knees. This resemblance is surprising when you think about it because arthritis is an ailment of joints. Therefore, this definition pushes your jaw in the range of this ailment. After all, … Continue reading “Arthritis In Your Jaw – Is That Possible ?”

Acid And Enamel: What Causes Enamel Erosion?

June 15, 2021 435 Views

Have you seen movies portraying knights with shiny armor? This armor protects the wearer from various types of attack, and it also looks fantastic. Although we have progressed far from the medieval age, we can still find instances of tough armor within our bodies. Take enamel as an example. This sturdy outercoat protects the sensitive … Continue reading “Acid And Enamel: What Causes Enamel Erosion?”

Types Of Dental Anesthesia And When Dentists Use Them

May 30, 2021 796 Views

What comes to your mind when you think about getting a dental appointment? Do you feel dental anxiety or excruciating pain? Well, if you nodded in affirmation, then we are pleased to inform you that these are things of the past. This is because we now have a wide array of anesthesia and related knowledge. … Continue reading “Types Of Dental Anesthesia And When Dentists Use Them”

How Can Laser Therapy Be Used To Treat Cavities And Gum Diseases?

May 15, 2021 434 Views

Lasers have made an astounding entrance in general dentistry, and it’s safe to say lasers are here to stay. It quickly rose as an ideal dental treatment that our ancestors wished they had. Now, with laser dentistry, you don’t have to sit through lengthy dental procedures only to “feel” your mouth drooping due to anesthesia … Continue reading “How Can Laser Therapy Be Used To Treat Cavities And Gum Diseases?”