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These Seven Misconceptions About Braces Are The Worst

January 15, 2021 47 Views

Everyone deserves a perfect smile, and braces can help us achieve just that. However, many misconceptions shroud the effectiveness of braces and the procedure. Such misconceptions undermine the effectiveness of braces. Hence, it’s time to clear misconceptions about braces. Braces are only for cosmetic purposes: Yes, to some extent, braces help you achieve a perfect … Continue reading “These Seven Misconceptions About Braces Are The Worst”

Six Most Common Dental Instruments And Their Uses.

December 30, 2020 1090 Views

A dentist looks after your teeth, but they don’t do that without proper instruments. Dental instruments help your dentist to explore specific areas of your mouth and perform specialized operations. Thus, these tools define a dentist, as dental work would be arduous without these. Here is a list of seven common dental instruments and their … Continue reading “Six Most Common Dental Instruments And Their Uses.”

Types Of Human Teeth – Know Your Set Of Teeth Better

December 15, 2020 1724 Views

A beautiful and white smile reveals a lot about how human teeth are structured. The teeth placement is impeccable, with each type of tooth fitting in like a jigsaw. There are four main types of human teeth. We only have a single row of teeth, with four incisors in the front. Placed right next to … Continue reading “Types Of Human Teeth – Know Your Set Of Teeth Better”

A Tooth’s Anatomy – Every Structure Explained Easy

November 30, 2020 742 Views

Our teeth form an essential part of our body. However, only after contracting an oral disease, we realize the true importance of the 32 sets of whites. A tooth has a marvelous structure. Hence, general knowledge of tooth’s anatomy will help us understand and appreciate this unique part of our body. If you drill into … Continue reading “A Tooth’s Anatomy – Every Structure Explained Easy”

How To Take Care Of Braces Properly: ? Essential Care Tips

November 15, 2020 92 Views

We all are familiar with braces. Braces help keep our teeth in position and correctly align them. Braces, like many other accessories, require proper maintenance. For that reason, let’s discuss how to take care of braces properly. What can happen due to negligence? Braces can accelerate some different oral problems from a lack of oral … Continue reading “How To Take Care Of Braces Properly: ? Essential Care Tips”

How long does a root canal take?

October 30, 2020 2085 Views

How long does a root canal take? This is one of the most common questions at the dental office and many others, including the intensity of pain or its safety or healing period. Our lives are busy, and every day we run to catch up with our entire daily task, so, it is necessary to … Continue reading “How long does a root canal take?”

Guide to Dental Implant recovery and aftercare

October 15, 2020 868 Views

A dental implant procedure replaces the missing tooth with an artificial one that functions similarly to the real tooth. But the surgery is a complicated procedure, and dental implant recovery needs sufficient time. It is an expensive option and replaces both dentures and bridges. However, it has a tremendous success rate; many prefer it over … Continue reading “Guide to Dental Implant recovery and aftercare”

Using Tea Bags for Wisdom Teeth Remedy

September 30, 2020 714 Views

Every year, millions of Americans undergo wisdom teeth extraction. Luckily, most patients recover quickly, but it is normal to feel anxious about your kid’s recovery. You can expect them to experience swelling, discomfort, and temporary bleeding after the extraction. If their wisdom teeth sites are still bleeding when they return home from the dentist’s office, … Continue reading “Using Tea Bags for Wisdom Teeth Remedy”

What Happens if You don’t Wear Your Retainer?

September 15, 2020 810 Views

The immediate time following the removal of your braces is the most critical for keeping your teeth straight. Wearing a retainer for the prescribed time is the best way to maintain your new smile. If you abandon your retainer, your teeth will move back into their original position. This is what happens if you don’t … Continue reading “What Happens if You don’t Wear Your Retainer?”

Is it Dangerous to Swallow a Tooth?

August 30, 2020 4983 Views

Swallowing a tooth can happen when your child’s tooth is loose, during a sporting event or in an injury. A baby tooth, also called primary tooth, is smooth and small enough for your child to swallow without noticing it. Sometimes, a swallowed tooth can be a serious concern for small children. What happens if you … Continue reading “Is it Dangerous to Swallow a Tooth?”