Acid And Enamel: What Causes Enamel Erosion?

Have you seen movies portraying knights with shiny armor? This armor protects the wearer from various types of attack, and it also looks fantastic. Although we have progressed far from the medieval age, we can still find instances of tough armor within our bodies. Take enamel as an example. This sturdy outercoat protects the sensitive inners of your tooth. However, this doesn’t mean that enamel isn’t prone to wear and tear. Infact, enamel erosion can cause serious and persistent problems. Therefore, it’s time to discuss some symptoms and causes of enamel erosion.

What Is Enamel Erosion And Its Symptoms?
Enamel protects the tooth from basically every adversary out there. Hence, without enamel, your tooth cannot function properly and is at the mercy of the outside environment. Consequently, your tooth’s enamel is the first and only line of defense for your tooth. Thus, it’s imperative that you understand the symptoms of enamel erosion so you can prevent further decay in time.

Symptoms Of Enamel Erosion:

Cracks And Chips: As the enamel erodes, your tooth starts to lose its smoothness and its ‘curves’. As a result, the tooth becomes rough and ragged on the edges. If the enamel continues to erode, these cracks and chips can take a gloomy turn into tooth fractures with time.

Hypersensitivity: As the enamel erodes, the dentin is exposed to the food you eat. Moreover, dentin contains a myriad of blood supply that makes it more receptive to temperature and pressure. Overall, with progressive erosion, you can gauge an increased tooth sensitivity.

Yellow Teeth: Your Enamel is bright white, while the dentin beneath has a yellow tinge. Consequently, as the enamel erodes and its layer depletes, the tooth color becomes more yellowish.

Shiny Spots: Enamel comprises minerals that interlock themselves in a strong bond. However, with erosion, these bonds weaken, and the tooth experiences a mineral loss. Some shiny spots can appear on your tooth following the demineralization.

Cupping: Indentations start to form that is known as cupping of the tooth.

Some Causes Of Enamel Erosion:

Excessive Acid Intake: Acid in your food and drinks readily reacts with your tooth’s mineral matrix. Hence, this nasty reaction leads to demineralization. Now, the acid can come from various sources such as plaque bacteria, a high number of citrus foods, and carbonated soft drinks.

Sugary And Starchy Foods: When your teeth grind these foods, these turn into a sticky mesh that adheres well to the surface of the tooth. The starch and sugar in the mesh provide nutrients to support a colony of plaque bacteria. Furthermore, these bacteria release harmful acid that corrodes away the enamel.

Teeth Grinding: Bruxism can put enough strain on the enamel to erode it away.


From our discussion, it’s clear that life is not easy without enamel. Hence, take good care of your enamel by following appropriate oral care and visiting Brenham Family Dental. We can detect early signs of enamel decay and inform you about its onset. Therefore, visit us or book an appointment by calling at 979-421-9685.

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